Thatching roof

 – We thatch new roofs, if needed we can repair and strengthen the roof structure too.
– We build in windows, fans, plate chimneys and create its water drainage system. 
– We use classified, good quality reed for our projects.
We can repair or change old thatch roofs.
Repair jobs:
– pricking
– lapping (overlaying) 
– strikeover
– new ridge forming

Repairing thatch roofs

Thatching garden benches

Make your garden more beatiful with an exclusive garden bench with thatch coverage and decorative stitching.
We can build the wood structure of garden benches and we can create its wrapping with cattail or thatch.

We can thatch glamping houses too.

Thatching glamping houses

Thatching barns, farm buildings

We can thatch farm buildings too.

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